End of the Road.

Yes, hello, it’s me, that blogger everyone forgot existed and barely watched in the first place! Now, the title of this post is a tad extreme: the truth is, I’m not quitting blogging (as if my inactivity means quitting would be anything different at this stage, whoops), but instead I’m consolidating my two blogs together: that is, this one, and my Reconstructive Demonstrations one. It’s come to the point where I don’t feel like separating any parts of my personality from others now, so I feel no need to keep my beauty posts separate from anything else I want to blog about. The new space will really just be everything I want to blog about in the one place.

I was going to move all the posts from this blog across to the new one, but then I had a look and was surprised at the number of posts on here; more than I was expecting! So instead I’m just leaving this wee note to say that I’m jumping ship, and any future blogging will be done in the other space. Thanks to everyone who is currently following this blog; it has meant a lot to me that you would consider my space worth coming back to! If you’re still interested in my blogging journey, you can follow the new space, which has its own new name, at fluffyowlfeathersblog.wordpress.com.

Hopefully having everything in the one place will stop me feeling overwhelmed with the idea of having TWO blogs and TWO YouTube channels to keep up, and will mean that instead of freezing up and being completely inactive, I’ll have the get-up and go again and it will all feel a lot more manageable. But then I remember it’s me talking and my motivation has the tendency to depart from me more often than I’d like. We shall see!

Anyway, that’s it. Check out my new blog for a lot more variety and a bit of everything, and thank you for engaging with me at all. 🙂

Sascha x