The End of the Unintended Hiatus.

Hi, guys; I definitely did not intend on taking a few months’ absence from this blog, but that’s exactly what happened. I probably mentioned my job at some point, and that was very stressful at first trying to manage my time around it, but frankly, for a while now, there’s been no excuse: I’ve just been lazy! I lapsed out of the habit of blogging and filming for YouTube, so it seemed like a big effort to go back. But I missed it, and hadn’t deliberately ‘quit’ or anything, so watch this space for me finally getting up off my ass and doing some new videos and content for you!

I have truckloads of plans for the YouTube channels; that’s probably the most infuriating bit. I’ve sat on tons on ideas and haven’t done anything with them; Major Procrastinator Extraordinaire, me. But I’m trying this thing where I don’t just say I’m going to stop being lazy and unproductive – I’m trying to fully effect a lifestyle change, so that it’s more permanent than on-and-off whims. So hopefully in the near future things will get moving along nicely again!

I’ve got a few reviews I should be writing soon, plus my very first ’empties’ video to film, and loads of collections to share with you, including the third part of my shoe collection videos that I very inconveniently haven’t done yet! I know I’m not exactly leaving a gaggle of fans hanging while they await my next video and/or post, but I have felt bad for it, partially because it also says a lot of bad things about my personal commitment to the channels and blogs.

But rest assured, I’m coming back to things, and I don’t intend on taking more months away – and if I do, I’ll be sure to inform everyone in advance! Look out for some new content over the next few weeks, while I work myself into a bit more of a routine (I’m not sure if I’m going to designate ‘filming’ days, since my shifts at work differ every week). Starting up again in winter is an especial challenge, since it gets dark very early, so I’ll know for sure I’m committed if I get things up and running again!

Thank you for all the support I’m currently receiving from you guys – I really appreciate it, since we’ve just been through how I’m not the most reliable blogger! I think I’ll be creating a Tumblr for the channels and blogs altogether, but more on that in a later post. I’ll quit my rambling now 😉

Until next time, and thanks again,

Sascha x