Cheap beauty?

So, if you haven’t gathered already from the contents of my haul videos on YouTube, I tend to have a small budget for things. It’s not really a habit I have deliberately, but I just can’t get past my frugal standards. This is something I’m going to talk about generally on my other blog, Reconstructive Demonstrations (and I’ll pop the link here when it’s uploaded), but here I’m going to focus on the beauty end of it.

I tend to buy cheaper versions of items first of all, as a test run, then if they’re absolutely no good, I upgrade to a slightly more expensive version. I never jump in to the £30 lipsticks and the £50 highlighters, because if I can get more bang for my buck with cheaper products, I will stick to them. I reckon, with certain things, it was probably cheaper in the end to begin with more expensive products rather than starting from rock bottom, but I will say that you won’t see me reaching for the Asda Smartprice shampoo, so I’m not that frugal!

An obvious pro: saving money, as just discussed. This is especially apparent for me when I’m clothes-shopping; yes, often there is a discernable increase in quality with more expensive clothing, but it’s very disproportionate when you’re talking £100+ on items that aren’t hiking boots, for example. When you’re talking tops, T-shirts, or leggings, there’s really not much need (for me, anyway) to immediately spend £50 on one, because the quality simply can’t increase fivefold from that of a £10 top; the quality increase does not reflect the increase in price, in general, if you ask me. I’m a pretty clumsy person, so I always run the risk of spilling stuff on my clothes, or catching or ripping them, and there’s no way I’m dropping a lot of money on something I know I might easily destroy in a matter of seconds. If you’re more upmarket with your purchases though, do your thing! There’s a good side to how you less thrifty folks do your shopping!

The biggest disadvantage: apart from sometimes having to go through five different shampoo types till you find the formula that works for you? Sometimes I settle for products; if there’s a better version out there that is outwith my budget, I generally don’t give in to my demons and purchase it, but rather live with what I’ve got. It’s ridiculous sometimes, when I have that block that says “oh, you can’t possibly spend more than £5 on a good skincare product; you just don’t have the money!” because 1) good skincare is the one thing I recommend investing in, if you have more problematic skin; chances are the cheaper stuff isn’t going to be as effective for you, and 2) I do have enough money to do that, happily. But I just can’t bring myself to do it sometimes! This has improved now that I’ve generally got a bit more money than I used to – my default maximum price I’d pay for things is increasing for most items, whilst still not becoming sky high.

I suppose it’s just trying to break out of that lifetime habit of having to watch my pennies – all my life I’ve been content without having to buy into the designer and high-end products, so I tend to want to retain that attitude, but I know I can relax it a bit and my wallet will still be grateful. It means I won’t have to deal with lipstick that fades quickly, dry shampoo that doesn’t do its job properly; I won’t have to forgo eyeshadow simply because what I buy is not long-lasting enough for my oily eyelids. I’m not going to start buying high-end products, because it’s really not ‘me’ to spend so much on one product, but there’s no harm in spending a bit more to get something that really works for me.

Now I’ve just got to tell myself that!

What about you? Do you have too low a budget to get the beauty products your heart truly desires? Do you think being cheap isn’t effective in the long run? Or do you think it’s ridiculous to scoff at the idea of a £30 lipstick if it’s a really great product? Let me know your spending habits!

Until next time,
Sascha x