A tale of shopping and clumsiness.

I tend to film for both of my YouTube channels in one sitting if I have time to film more than a single video, and here are the latest pair: a very quick shopping haul and a discussion of accidents I had in my childhood. Not the most complementary pair, perhaps, but there you are!

First of all, the haul, to which there isn’t anything further to add:

And the chatty video:

I’m quite naturally clumsy – I can’t remember if I mentioned it in the video or not, but my childhood nickname in my family was Butterfingers! Even now I find myself sometimes poorly co-ordinated and holding/doing stuff in the weirdest of ways; maybe being left-handed has something to do with it? I was left a teensy bit underwhelmed when I realized my major accidents tailed off around the age of 12, but I can assure you I do stupid little things almost every day! I’m not the most graceful in movements πŸ˜›

Are you a clumsy person? Is it something you have never experienced or simply grew out of? A big thank you for reading and watching, and until next time,

Sascha x


What’s In My Bag?

The first time I filmed a What’s In My Bag video, I hadn’t long started my channel. The video was dull because I was sitting in a place with crappy lighting, my hair was wet and in the way, and I was using a lot of stuff I’m not now using regularly. So with all that in mind, I decided to film a new one!

I find these videos interesting to watch, because I’m nosy like that; I like seeing what other people carry around with them daily, whether they use a small or large bag, handbag or backpack, etc. I like seeing whether people carry a whole load of makeup around or none at all. I like that they’re an ordinary peek into people’s lives, and I get to see the variety in what people deem necessary to lug around on a daily basis.

With all that philosophizing out the way, here’s my video. πŸ™‚

Thank you, as ever, for reading my blog and watching my videos; it’s nice to know people out there are at least clicking over, if not watching or reading the entire post. I know I just do this blog just for fun, but it’s nice all the same whenever someone registers interest. πŸ™‚

Until next time,
Sascha x

Chatty, Slightly Out Of Focus Collective Haul!

Two posts in one day, sorry about that! But since I posted a video on each channel today, it’s only right I also write the two accompanying blog posts today too πŸ™‚

On DOTK I uploaded a collective haul video – makeup, clothing, notebooks, and another cute surprise! As I said in the video, it will most likely be the last haul video I do for quite a while; I’m in a bit of a financial pickle (nothing too drastic!), so I won’t be making many frivolous purchases. So I will be injecting some novelty into the DOTK channel, I hope, since I won’t be able to put haul videos on there!

And yes, as you can read from the title of either this post or of the video, it’s out of focus! The camera I use to film doesn’t have a flipscreen (I spotted a lovely one I wanted to buy, but of course, financial pickle, boo!) so I filmed the entire thing before realizing I’d been sitting slightly out of focus. Luckily you can still see the items – nothing is really compromised – so I hope you don’t mind that! I would have refilmed it but it was a long haul, and I’d been filming other videos that day too.

Anyway, here’s the video, the last haul in a long time:

The video does play; I’m just not sure why it doesn’t have a thumbnail!

Until next time,

Sascha x

Primark Haul β™₯

There’s not much to say by way of accompanying text with this video, since it’s simply a Primark haul. So if you want to know what I bought, watch the video! πŸ™‚ All I will say is that the items are fairly diverse this time! (I was going to list the items so that you’d have an idea before you pressed ‘play’, or for those who don’t want to press ‘play’, but I can’t do cut or spoiler tags here like I can on Livejournal, so I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone else!)

What lovely things have you guys bought recently?

The next chapter

Hello, and welcome to the new blog for my YouTube channels: Dance of the Knights (http://www.youtube.com/user/danceoftheknights), and Fanciful Reality (http://www.youtube.com/user/FancifulRealityVlogs) !

I’m not altogether positive that I’ll be using this page all too often, as I plan to only use it for when videos areΒ  simply not enough to include everything on the subject at hand (for example, to post travel photos to accompany a travel vlog or discussion). However, this plan may change, so keep your eyes peeled!

Danceoftheknights is my beauty and fashion page, primarily. It was originally my hub for everything, and as such it contains some tag videos with facts about me, and some vlog videos. It shall go on ahead as a fashion page. Not that I’m too knowledgable about fashion – I like to keep things simple and ‘my’ way. I don’t personally post about fashion shows or designers or anything like that, but I do talk about make up and skincare products. It’s not a very serious endeavor, but just something silly that I started to get more confidence with filming, and continue to do for fun. πŸ™‚

Fanciful Reality will include the type of ‘bloggy’ videos that I had planned to revamp Danceoftheknights with – non-beauty and -fashion related topics of discussion, from current events to travel diaries, and much more!

I hope to find my feet with this very soon, and I hope that you like what you find, stick around, and enjoy the experience too! See you soon,

Sascha x