What’s In My Bag?

The first time I filmed a What’s In My Bag video, I hadn’t long started my channel. The video was dull because I was sitting in a place with crappy lighting, my hair was wet and in the way, and I was using a lot of stuff I’m not now using regularly. So with all that in mind, I decided to film a new one!

I find these videos interesting to watch, because I’m nosy like that; I like seeing what other people carry around with them daily, whether they use a small or large bag, handbag or backpack, etc. I like seeing whether people carry a whole load of makeup around or none at all. I like that they’re an ordinary peek into people’s lives, and I get to see the variety in what people deem necessary to lug around on a daily basis.

With all that philosophizing out the way, here’s my video. 🙂

Thank you, as ever, for reading my blog and watching my videos; it’s nice to know people out there are at least clicking over, if not watching or reading the entire post. I know I just do this blog just for fun, but it’s nice all the same whenever someone registers interest. 🙂

Until next time,
Sascha x


Chatty, Slightly Out Of Focus Collective Haul!

Two posts in one day, sorry about that! But since I posted a video on each channel today, it’s only right I also write the two accompanying blog posts today too 🙂

On DOTK I uploaded a collective haul video – makeup, clothing, notebooks, and another cute surprise! As I said in the video, it will most likely be the last haul video I do for quite a while; I’m in a bit of a financial pickle (nothing too drastic!), so I won’t be making many frivolous purchases. So I will be injecting some novelty into the DOTK channel, I hope, since I won’t be able to put haul videos on there!

And yes, as you can read from the title of either this post or of the video, it’s out of focus! The camera I use to film doesn’t have a flipscreen (I spotted a lovely one I wanted to buy, but of course, financial pickle, boo!) so I filmed the entire thing before realizing I’d been sitting slightly out of focus. Luckily you can still see the items – nothing is really compromised – so I hope you don’t mind that! I would have refilmed it but it was a long haul, and I’d been filming other videos that day too.

Anyway, here’s the video, the last haul in a long time:

The video does play; I’m just not sure why it doesn’t have a thumbnail!

Until next time,

Sascha x

Book Haul!

My local library was selling off some of its withdrawn non-fiction stock, so my brother and I took the day to pop down and see what was on offer! I shall embed the video at this point, so that you can watch it before you read the rest if you prefer it that way – I’ll mostly be rehashing down below what I’ve already said in the video anyway, but for those of you who prefer video or prefer text, you can choose, of course, which medium to view. 🙂

I graduated in classics, and like to keep up my Greek and Latin, so when I spotted a Loeb edition of Frontinus’ Stratagems and Aqueducts, I had to pick it up! Loeb editions have the Latin or Greek (Latin, in this case) on the left hand pages and, if you want to use it, an English translation on the right hand pages. The translations are quite old and more formal in style. Of course, if any of you out there translate, you’ll realize most languages don’t facilitate A > B translation – it’s a lot more complicated than that! – so while the translation will be very useful if I get stuck, I can ignore it if I want to, and it couldn’t give me all the answers unless I apply my own Latin knowledge! Aqueducts aren’t the most thrilling subject for me, but I don’t think military stratagems are that bad, at least! I like to keep a collection of texts that I can use to keep up my Latin, so that was a nice cheap addition to that. For reference, we got 14 books altogether at the library sale, for which the total was only £6 / $9.20 / €7, and when I bought a brand new Loeb edition of a Cicero text, that came to over £20, so the Frontinus was definitely an amazing find!

In the same vein, I bought Amo, Amas, Amat… and all that: How To Become A Latin Lover by Harry Mount. As if I need to become a Latin lover! It’s a primer, but in a very informal, humorous style – good if I want to refresh my basic Latin, but I bought it for all the silly jokes and puns.

I got The Sisters Who Would Be Queen by Leanda De Lisle, about Lady Jane Grey and her sisters, even though I’m pretty much tired of the Tudors by this point and want to take a long break from them! I don’t know Jane Grey’s story as well, nor that of her sisters at all, though, so I picked it up.

Continuing along the royalty line (haha), The Kings and Queens of Scotland by Richard Oram. I focus so much on English/UK royalty that I forget to think about my own! This book covers Scottish royalty from the year 400 till (I assume) 1707, which is when Scotland united with England.

Last from the library, I bought The Short Oxford History of English Literature – just because. The courses I took during my classics degree were mostly in Latin and Greek, but in my final year, I studied a lot of texts in translation. Even in the Latin and Greek texts, I mostly analyzed the texts, so it was all a lot like an English class! So I’ve always been interested in literary analysis, and I was hopefully going to study English Literature and Language after I graduated classics, but I haven’t been able to sort out my finances yet. Still, I bought the book as a wee head start! 🙂

As a little bonus, I picked up Empress Orchid by Anchee Min from a local charity shop. It was 3 for 2, and my brother could only find two he wanted, so I picked up this one. It’s about an emperor’s concubine, and I’m excited to give it a read.

You might see reviews of these books go up on my Goodreads profile (http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7310932-alexxandra), and I might even film some book reviews 🙂

Until next time

Sascha x

Slightly Belated (!) Avon Haul.

I filmed this Avon haul a few weeks ago. Put it this way – I got my new order this morning, and it comes every three weeks, so I must have filmed it two or three weeks ago, but I just got around to uploading it now because somehow, in the midst of rearranging my bedroom, I managed to lose the laptop I edit my videos on! It’s a very old laptop and doesn’t close properly, so I put it away in a careful place to stop it being stored precariously, but I’d forgotten where that was! Luckily, I did find it, so here’s the video I filmed then:

Another haul video will on its way fairly soon, but I was strong with the Avon order this time and didn’t order anything! I discovered very recently that my bank balance is dangerously low, so I’m pretty much not buying unnecessary stuff from now on until I can get my finances sorted out. I guess this does cause a problem with the YouTube channel, because the bulk of my content on the channel is haul videos. But it will hopefully get me out of my comfort zone a little bit and trying some new things! It will too get me finally uploading the product review I wrote ages ago, and writing some new ones!

Hope you enjoy the video, and until next time,

Sascha x

FRV: Hoodies, Museums, and So Much Rain!

This is a short blog post to accompany my most recent vlog; I realize now I could’ve inserted some photos into the video itself, but I’d rather just post them up here. I won’t discuss the vlog too much, or any suspense (ha) would be ruined, beyond what is given away in the title, but I did promise to post some photos of the museum visit, so here they are. There are only a few of them – about six. The only thing is that I didn’t take notes about what each thing is – oops!

First of all, here’s the vlog! :

And that’s the University of Glasgow in the background.

I hope you like those!

The next post should be a DOTK one (i.e. Dance of the Knights, my makeup/fashion channel) – I’ll put in each post title either DOTK or FRV so you can see from the off which YouTube channel it concerns. 🙂

Until next time,

Sascha x

Acknowledging my lack of diversity on YouTube.

I realized recently that the Dance of the Knights channel, the one I generally refer to as my “beauty and fashion channel”, features only really haul videos and OOTDs (outfit of the day videos). I started feeling a little insecure, I guess?, because I then felt subpar compared to the beauty blogs and YouTubes I am subscribed to. I felt like a wannabe. In comparison, I feel boring, ‘meh’, and ‘why aren’t you uploading other stuff yet?’.

And then I remembered that I started this channel for fun; actually, to be more specific, I wanted to conquer my fear and embarrassment of being filmed, so I began YouTubing, starting with the sort of stuff I was watching, that I could do too: hauls! For this channel to remain makeup, beauty, and fashion-related, I can either keep up what I’m doing and that’s it, expand a little, or expand a lot. That last one doesn’t feel possible or appealing: I can’t do makeup tutorials (I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway), for example.

So I will be expanding only a little – to give you an idea, I’m planning some collection videos, some product reviews, and hopefully in the future, “_____ does my makeup” videos and silly ones like that. But the main bulk of my uploads on this channel will remain hauls and OOTDs, because really, that’s what I end up doing. I will try not to keep it monotonous, however.

It seems silly to put out this little caveat, or disclaimer, when I have currently only 18 subscribers and not even 2,000 views, plus I know from seeing the stats that a lot of people are watching the first five seconds of my videos, but not the rest, but the day I filmed the video I just started rambling apologetically because I felt insecure and bad so there you have it. Anyway, I might as well let any potential subscribers or viewers know what they’re in for, I suppose!

The bottom line is: I won’t be the most diverse in terms of different types of video on this channel, but I will strive not to make it extremely boring! I will be focusing much more on my other channel, Fanciful Reality Vlogs, when I get it properly off its feet – I feel much more at home with more ‘bloggy’ type videos, discussions about several topics of a huge variety than I do excitedly showing what I bought last week! I will NOT be stopping DOTK; if there is any reduction in the frequency of uploads, it will be because I’m currently very lacking in funds, even as frugal as I am!

Despite all of this, I want to say a big thank you to my little group of subscribers – you’ve upped my confidence and knowledge that my videos are getting out there somewhere! You encourage me to keep going, and even though I don’t intend or expect DOTK to become very well-known or indeed very-well liked – it’s simply too basic to have massive appeal, in my opinion, and I don’t mind this! – I still enjoy it, and won’t stop even though I am no longer afraid or embarrassed to film myself or publish videos to the public!

Here’s the video I uploaded – I couldn’t even remember anything I’d said till I watched it back later! – which is basically all of this reworded, haha. Thank you for watching, reading, and generally supporting me – I appreciate every single view and subscriber!

Until next time,
Sascha x

Have you ever considered volunteering?

As you probably don’t know, I’m a volunteer. I volunteer for PDSA, a veterinarian charity here in the UK. For people who receive certain government welfare benefits (Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit), PDSA covers the bill for vet treatments your pet needs. Not all treatments are covered (microchipping, neutering, etc. are offered at a discount price rather than free), and currently the charity is only able to cater for 75% of eligible people, but this number is expected and intended to increase to at least 80% by next year. But it’s an invaluable charity, the biggest of its kind in the UK, and with almost a century of pet care behind it, PDSA really does help those who might not be able to afford emergency surgery for their beloved pets.

As I state in the video, I have now been volunteering for PDSA since the beginning of October. It’s not a long time, but it feels like it’s been forever, and I love and value my place with them. I currently work in a  local branch of the store, manning the till and other shop floor duties, and since I am frequently on the shop floor alone to deal with customers, answer their queries, and run things to an acceptable standard, I am the representative of the store at these times, and am responsible for the public’s perception of our store and, by extension, the charity itself. I’ve also been involved in the sorting process – being in charge of deciding which donations are up to a saleable standard and which aren’t.

I am a valued member of the team, and knowing I am doing my bit to help those in need brings me a lot of happiness and joy. I mention in the first video, and will do again briefly now, that if any of you are finding yourselves with a bit of free time, please, consider volunteering – you can choose the number of hours you work. So instead of spending that extra hour in bed, those two hours watching trashy TV, and another hour on Tumblr, you could instead have given a morning or afternoon of your time to a very important cause, be it an animal charity like PDSA, or a humanitarian one like Oxfam or The Red Cross, which I also do my bit to support. If you can’t give up your time, consider shopping in the stores! The clothes are great quality – we don’t just put any old thing out onto the shelves – and it’s good for experimenting with fashion. Anything you end up not liking after you’ve bought it didn’t cost a bucketload, and you can always donate it back again!

Instead of blathering on, I’ll just leave the videos here for you to watch! I do hope that those of you who can offer time or money to support any charitable cause will be given food for thought, and for those of you who already do these things, thank you!

And here’s a haul of stuff I’ve bought recently from a few charity shops 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching, guys; I really do appreciate it!

Until next time,
Sascha x