FRV: Hoodies, Museums, and So Much Rain!

This is a short blog post to accompany my most recent vlog; I realize now I could’ve inserted some photos into the video itself, but I’d rather just post them up here. I won’t discuss the vlog too much, or any suspense (ha) would be ruined, beyond what is given away in the title, but I did promise to post some photos of the museum visit, so here they are. There are only a few of them – about six. The only thing is that I didn’t take notes about what each thing is – oops!

First of all, here’s the vlog! :

And that’s the University of Glasgow in the background.

I hope you like those!

The next post should be a DOTK one (i.e. Dance of the Knights, my makeup/fashion channel) – I’ll put in each post title either DOTK or FRV so you can see from the off which YouTube channel it concerns. 🙂

Until next time,

Sascha x


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