Acknowledging my lack of diversity on YouTube.

I realized recently that the Dance of the Knights channel, the one I generally refer to as my “beauty and fashion channel”, features only really haul videos and OOTDs (outfit of the day videos). I started feeling a little insecure, I guess?, because I then felt subpar compared to the beauty blogs and YouTubes I am subscribed to. I felt like a wannabe. In comparison, I feel boring, ‘meh’, and ‘why aren’t you uploading other stuff yet?’.

And then I remembered that I started this channel for fun; actually, to be more specific, I wanted to conquer my fear and embarrassment of being filmed, so I began YouTubing, starting with the sort of stuff I was watching, that I could do too: hauls! For this channel to remain makeup, beauty, and fashion-related, I can either keep up what I’m doing and that’s it, expand a little, or expand a lot. That last one doesn’t feel possible or appealing: I can’t do makeup tutorials (I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway), for example.

So I will be expanding only a little – to give you an idea, I’m planning some collection videos, some product reviews, and hopefully in the future, “_____ does my makeup” videos and silly ones like that. But the main bulk of my uploads on this channel will remain hauls and OOTDs, because really, that’s what I end up doing. I will try not to keep it monotonous, however.

It seems silly to put out this little caveat, or disclaimer, when I have currently only 18 subscribers and not even 2,000 views, plus I know from seeing the stats that a lot of people are watching the first five seconds of my videos, but not the rest, but the day I filmed the video I just started rambling apologetically because I felt insecure and bad so there you have it. Anyway, I might as well let any potential subscribers or viewers know what they’re in for, I suppose!

The bottom line is: I won’t be the most diverse in terms of different types of video on this channel, but I will strive not to make it extremely boring! I will be focusing much more on my other channel, Fanciful Reality Vlogs, when I get it properly off its feet – I feel much more at home with more ‘bloggy’ type videos, discussions about several topics of a huge variety than I do excitedly showing what I bought last week! I will NOT be stopping DOTK; if there is any reduction in the frequency of uploads, it will be because I’m currently very lacking in funds, even as frugal as I am!

Despite all of this, I want to say a big thank you to my little group of subscribers – you’ve upped my confidence and knowledge that my videos are getting out there somewhere! You encourage me to keep going, and even though I don’t intend or expect DOTK to become very well-known or indeed very-well liked – it’s simply too basic to have massive appeal, in my opinion, and I don’t mind this! – I still enjoy it, and won’t stop even though I am no longer afraid or embarrassed to film myself or publish videos to the public!

Here’s the video I uploaded – I couldn’t even remember anything I’d said till I watched it back later! – which is basically all of this reworded, haha. Thank you for watching, reading, and generally supporting me – I appreciate every single view and subscriber!

Until next time,
Sascha x


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