Have you ever considered volunteering?

As you probably don’t know, I’m a volunteer. I volunteer for PDSA, a veterinarian charity here in the UK. For people who receive certain government welfare benefits (Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit), PDSA covers the bill for vet treatments your pet needs. Not all treatments are covered (microchipping, neutering, etc. are offered at a discount price rather than free), and currently the charity is only able to cater for 75% of eligible people, but this number is expected and intended to increase to at least 80% by next year. But it’s an invaluable charity, the biggest of its kind in the UK, and with almost a century of pet care behind it, PDSA really does help those who might not be able to afford emergency surgery for their beloved pets.

As I state in the video, I have now been volunteering for PDSA since the beginning of October. It’s not a long time, but it feels like it’s been forever, and I love and value my place with them. I currently work in a  local branch of the store, manning the till and other shop floor duties, and since I am frequently on the shop floor alone to deal with customers, answer their queries, and run things to an acceptable standard, I am the representative of the store at these times, and am responsible for the public’s perception of our store and, by extension, the charity itself. I’ve also been involved in the sorting process – being in charge of deciding which donations are up to a saleable standard and which aren’t.

I am a valued member of the team, and knowing I am doing my bit to help those in need brings me a lot of happiness and joy. I mention in the first video, and will do again briefly now, that if any of you are finding yourselves with a bit of free time, please, consider volunteering – you can choose the number of hours you work. So instead of spending that extra hour in bed, those two hours watching trashy TV, and another hour on Tumblr, you could instead have given a morning or afternoon of your time to a very important cause, be it an animal charity like PDSA, or a humanitarian one like Oxfam or The Red Cross, which I also do my bit to support. If you can’t give up your time, consider shopping in the stores! The clothes are great quality – we don’t just put any old thing out onto the shelves – and it’s good for experimenting with fashion. Anything you end up not liking after you’ve bought it didn’t cost a bucketload, and you can always donate it back again!

Instead of blathering on, I’ll just leave the videos here for you to watch! I do hope that those of you who can offer time or money to support any charitable cause will be given food for thought, and for those of you who already do these things, thank you!

And here’s a haul of stuff I’ve bought recently from a few charity shops 🙂

Thanks for reading and watching, guys; I really do appreciate it!

Until next time,
Sascha x


2 thoughts on “Have you ever considered volunteering?

  1. jessicaboehm says:

    I have been a volunteer for multiple organizations throughout my life and continue to encourage volunteering with a program at Arizona State University. It’s comforting to see someone else reaching out and asking people to make that positive life choice and begin to volunteer. It’s such a rewarding experience that I really think people don’t understand until they actually get involved. Beyond that, there are so many societal benefits to volunteering. If you can put aside a few hours of your time (instead of watching trashy television!) you can improve your community so much, ultimately making it a better place fo everyone. I applaud your work and hope you convince many people to keep volunteering!

    • Thank you for your comment. I think volunteering’s something many people could easily fit into their lives, but it never crosses people’s minds, or they don’t realize how easy it is to become involved even at a lower level of time commitment. It’s always nice to give people a little push in the right direction. The rewards are so much more than they seem. Even with more useful hobbies like reading or writing or anything else, it can be possible to cut down a little in order to fit in volunteering even once a week, and that will help the organization immensely, and I think some people would enjoy it more than they reckon! It’s great that you’re so involved – you’re making a great difference. Even if some people are too busy to volunteer, it’s always nice to encourage them to at least donate to charitable causes, even if it’s old clutter, because that takes little to no effort but makes such a difference to us. Everyone can do something to help, and I want to keep spreading that message. 🙂

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