New Year’s Resolutions.

It’s 12th January, so it seems very late on for me to be posting about my New Year’s Resolutions. However, contrary to how they are usually fulfilled (or rather unfulfilled), they’re intended to be year-long, and even life-long resolutions, so 12 days in is really not too late at all! I never normally make resolutions, but since graduating university last June, I’ve been neglecting my hobbies a fair bit, which might seem weird, seeing as I now have more free time, but I’m just coming out of that post-uni funk which has taken over my life for the past seven months.

This means that along with the usual resolutions – drink more water, exercise more, better skincare routine – I’m focusing on what is really getting all my hobbies back up and running. I’ve managed to make numerical goals for each one, to be attained every month, but they’re arbitrary, really; it’s just something I can work towards, since I’m a very goal-oriented person. The goals are very low, which was deliberate – I didn’t want to put so much pressure on myself that I would simply give up three days in. Thus I believe my goals are very achievable, and I’ve been steadily working on them since the New Year began. I’m only 26% through so far (yes, I count these things), which for more than a third of the way through the month is falling behind, but again, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t beat the goals exactly. It’s something to work towards, and see my monthly progress.

Anyway, you guys have the video to watch, so I will list the areas of my life that I’m intending to boost always – getting back into my hobbies as a complete lifestyle change. If you want to know more about each section, I do elaborate in the video 🙂

YouTube channels
Novel writing
Poetry writing
Lyric writing
5000 question survey
Cover version contest

I have provided links to the mentioned websites in the information bar on YouTube, but if you just Google them, it’s simple enough. Here’s the video itself:

Anyway, I hope that this was a bit of a twist on usual NYRs, and that you’re all following the resolutions you’ve made, if you made them! On that note, you can leave a comment telling me what your resolutions are this year, and if you’ve been sticking to them so far! 😀



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